‘What do you mean you finished?’ said the lime to the pear
‘You’re not even close, not even half way there’

“But I’ve got my car and my little house too
What else, I ask, is there left to do?”

‘You’ve got some stuff, that’s nice, that’s fine
Some things…

Will the dark dark beasts ever go away?
Or are the dark dark beasts here to stay?
I rest in my bed
Stay calm in my head
Make the dark dark beasts my friends today.

And as I do, my fire comes back.

Ignore the beasts and they’ll make you mad
They’ll turn you into something bad
Befriend them and you’ll stay warm and bright
Like darkness that disappears with the light
It’s your beasts, remember, who give you your might.

On everyone’s head lived an octopus who,
Was invisible yes, but never strayed from you.
Like an eyelash protecting and guarding your eye
From the dirt that’s swimming in the sky,
The tentacles worked to look after your soul
They protected it making sure it stayed whole
High above your head the tentacles would go
When it…

I’m free with my feet on the ground

I can travel through wind space and sound

When my feet are secure on the ground.

I’m free with my feet on the ground

Boundaries I have none, I’ve found

When I fly with my feet on the ground.

I’m free with my feet on the ground

The earth is much more than just round

When I surrender my feet to the ground.

He reaches for his notebook. Last night in my dream I was in the desert with mice who grew wings, they were getting ready to fly. What a wild ride. To be decoded later. He wakes when there’s no sunlight left, not even a hint, choosing to use only five…

He woke up, put on his panda outfit, and walked to the party at about the same time as he slouched into his usual seat at the new bar. “I’ll only order one tonight,” he said to no-one in particular as he took the final swig of his forth, or…

This world, it was a bit different to ours,
People didn’t go around on foot or in cars
Instead the ground was water — everything was blue
And your mode of transport depended on you.

One man, Baylie, to get around
Made boats from wood that he had found.
He started with…

Sarah Cottee

Writing poetry and short stories to make sense of life in my own kind of way

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