‘What do you mean you finished?’ said the lime to the pear
‘You’re not even close, not even half way there’

“But I’ve got my car and my little house too
What else, I ask, is there left to do?”

‘You’ve got some stuff, that’s nice, that’s fine
Some things that you can label as ‘mine’
Some things that make you feel you’re complete
But it’s a trick, I’m afraid — one quite cruel and quite neat
A trick that makes many fall from their feet
You see, if you live like this you’ll never really ‘win’
No success, no fulfillment you’ll feel within

To really succeed you don’t want more, you want less
You want time to sort out that internal mess
You want time to make space, not fill your day
With calls or work or computer games to play.

Those things are important, of course they are!
But if they take up all your time, you won’t go very far
The way you use time changes the colour of your air
It exposes things and lays wounds bare
Time heals, if you use it wisely, little pear,
But deepen your wounds if you ignore what’s there.
Without any attention they won’t just magically heal
By distracting yourself with things that aren’t real.

You can put as many bandages on top
(One each day if you have a lot!)
But that wound underneath, I’ll tell you, little pear
With a busy job lovely friends and a house, is still there.

The worst has happened — don’t waste more time,
Make space today so you can heal.’ said the wise little lime.

Writing poetry and short stories to make sense of life in my own kind of way